Education for Brazilian children thanks to long-term cooperation

Education for Brazilian children thanks to long-term cooperation

09-05-2019 – As an importer and exporter of organic ingredients, DO-IT naturally also supplies organic sugar to processors, wholesalers, bakeries, etc. An important supplier of organic cane sugar is Jalles Machado in Brazil. Jalles controls the entire sugar process from the farmer to the end product. DO-IT has established a long relationship with Jalles as a supplier of organic sugar by visiting the company and the farmers every year alongside other Brazilian suppliers.

Contributing to education in the area

Last year DO-IT sponsored the Escola Luiz César de Siqueira Melo school, where children from 5 to 16 years old can receive education in the area. The school was founded by the Jalles Machado foundation, which was set up for educational and cultural projects to ensure that all children in this area have access to good education. In addition to regular education, projects are also set up at the school on environmental issues, including deforestation and the Vegetable Garden Project, where they learn how to prepare the soil biologically to plant seeds for organic vegetables that are eaten at school during lunch.

Celebrating the cooperation

Poppe Braam and Vincent Evers visited the family, farmers and production at the end of April. On that occasion, Poppe unveiled a plaque in the school and was presented a gift to DO-IT as a thank you for sponsoring the school. A festive event with music and dance by the children. We must, of course, be careful with sugar, but it is nice to think of the Escola Luiz César children who, thanks to their long-term cooperation, have a future with good education.