Education for Brazilian children thanks to long-term cooperation


As an importer and exporter of organic ingredients, DO-IT naturally also supplies organic sugar to processors, wholesalers, bakeries, etc. An important supplier of organic cane sugar is Jalles Machado in Brazil. Jalles controls the ...

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"Breakdown of compostable packaging in seawater is positive side effect, but not the main goal"


Last week the university of Plymouth published a study stating that compostable packages do not perish and therefore producers of the packaging are making claims that are not being fulfilled. Since all of the plastic we ...

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New product: Oat hull fiber


We are proud to announce that we recently added a new product to our product range: Oat hull fiber. Oat hull fiber is an ingredient made by grinding the protective outer shell of the oat grains. It is listed as a safe and ...

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The DO-IT newsletter has arrived


We have some great news: the DO-IT newsletter has arrived! In our newsletter we keep you updated with new products, stories about the origin of our products different delivery times during ...

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