Huaen Organic Foods Co. started to develop organic produce in 1993, and was certified organic in 1994. It is the first company in China certified for growing, processing and exporting organic. Since first being certified, the company has entered the mode of fast expansion. Today, the company has a product line of more than thirty varieties which originate from nine certified organic bases and five sorting and processing facilities in the northern part of China.
Huaen’s business practice is extremely simple: “customer’s needs always come first and quality is always above all.”
Cooperation with DO-IT started in the beginning and now HUAEN and DO-IT have a stable partnership to meet the needs of the market.

The company started in its very early days to cultivate its culture of exceeding organic standards instead of meeting them.   There are five factors enabled Huaen’s success:
  • Reliable organic field production
  • State of art equipments and facilities
  • Strict quality standard
  • Precise tracing system
  • Advanced testing technology and method
Huaen is humbled by the past successes and realizes it is only possible to continue its successes with the support of its friends and colleagues in the industry. The company sincerely welcomes you to join its extensive worldwide sourcing and distribution network marching together to the bright future of organic agriculture.