E-mail: Annemieke van der Welle mail
annemieke van der welle | customer care manager
Position at DO-IT:
QA / QC Employee
Since when do you work for DO-IT?
Since July 2015
What is DO-IT according to you?
In my opinion a growing organisation with a tremendous diversity of organic, appetizing, healthy products.
Why did you choose for an organic company?
An organic company matches with my everyday lifestyle and believes, to eat daily as healthy and pure as possible.
Why is organic important to you?
Organic provides a honest and sustainable living environment.
Does organic play a role in your daily life?
Awareness regarding food, for example, we have our own vegetable garden. Drving an economical car etc.
Are you single or married, do you have children?
I am married and have two beautiful young daughters whom I adore.
Where do you live?
In Barneveld.
What are your hobbies?
I prefer the most to spend my spare time with the people who are close to me, enjoy a good dinner including drinking a good glass of wine. I also like to travel, preferably to France, and have an interest in politics, sports and of course shopping.
What is your favourite DO-IT - la BIO IDEA - Amaizin product?
la BIO IDEA the whole product range.