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jurgen meijer | sales manager food ingredients
Position at DO-IT:
Sales manager ingredients
Since when do you work for DO-IT?
Since January 2014 
What is DO-IT according to you?
Why did you choose for an organic company?
Because of the principles of organic and EcoSocial, it became more and more a part of my life during the last decade.
Why is organic important to you?
I believe that organic is more pure, thus more fun!
Does organic play a role in your daily life?
We try to eat as much as possible organic fresh food, regionally grow
Are you single or married, do you have children?
I am a happily married man, having a stepson and a beautiful, enthusiastic and energic daughter.
Where do you live?
Our residence is in the "Dutch Food Valley".
What are your hobbies?
Depending on my physical limits, sports like tennis, soccer, cycling, skiing, but also relaxing outside the house on the beach or camping are my favourites.
What is your favourite la BIO IDEA – Amaizin product?
I tried some and I like them all. Choosing a favourite is hard because then I first need to try them all before making this choice.