E-mail: Adinda Kriek mail
adinda kriek | secretary
Position at DO-IT:
Since when do you work for DO-IT?
Since may 2013
What is DO-It according to you?
Job satisfaction, respect inside and outside the company.
Why did you choose for an organic company?
I chose for a responsible company in food.
Why is organic important to you?
Healthier, tastier and better for the environment.
Does organic play a role in your daily life?
I purchase nowadays organic food more often.
What is your family composition?
Married with David.
Where do you live?
In Zeewolde.
What are your hobbies?
Reading good books, friends, family, travelling.
What is your favourite la BIO IDEA – Amaizin product?
la BIO IDEA risotto rice. Amaizin corn rolls.