E-mail: Annemiek Flantua mail
annemiek flantua | marketing & communications manager
Position at DO-IT:
Marketing Communications Manager
Since when do you work for DO-IT?
Since October 2012
What is DO-IT according to you?
A hands-on company with passionate people and a clear goal:
'Producing food in harmony with man and nature".
Why did you choose for an organic company?
After a career at Volkswagen/Audi, I went for a job with more deepening.
That’s how I ended up at Natudis/Wessanen Benelux where I worked as a Category Manager for 11 years. Therefore I am familiar with the organic world and DO-IT. Looking for a new challenge within the organic food business, I was  glad to be able to strengthen the DO-IT brand team since October 1.
Why is organic important to you?
Organic food contributes to a better world for people, animals and environment. So very important!
Does organic play a role in your daily life?
In daily life I use as much organic food as possible, provided that it tastes good! By the way, we are a real organic family, my husband also works in the organic business.
Are you single or married, do you have children?
I am married with Wilco and together we have two daughters: Bente of 11 and Juul of 8 years old.
Where do you live?
In Harderwijk
What are your hobbies?
Eating nice, reading and classical ballet.
What is your favourite la BIO IDEA - Amaizin product?
Number 1 are both la BIO IDEA balsamico vinegar and the whole wheat pasta of la BIO IDEA.