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carmen van schoonhoven | receptionist - telephone
Since when do you work for DO-IT?
Since july 2007
What is DO-It according to you?
A sociable company with a future vision.
Why did you choose for an organic company?
I was lucky that our CEO, Mr.Braam, asked me to start working on purchase during my trial at the quality department.
Why is organic important to you?
Healthier, tastier and better for the environment.
Does organic play a role in your daily life?
Organic tastes better and since I work for DO-IT I am more aware of what I eat and I make other choices.
What is your family composition?
Happily married and two children
Where do you live?
In Renswoude, not far from Barneveld.
What are your hobbies?
Family, traveling to warm countries, reading a book, music, friends etc..
What is your favourite la BIO IDEA – Amaizin product?
Mmm, difficult because there are so many products, balsamico vinegar, tomato rolls, sauces etc..